Dance Classes

Ballet is the foundation for all dance training and we are focused on helping students develop solid ballet technique. There is an emphasis on learning proper use of turn out, use of arms (port de bras), and understanding correct body placement. Classes begin with a warm-up at the barre, followed by center floor exercises including adagio and allegro.

Jazz is a dance form that is known for its energy, variety, and overall upbeat nature. Our jazz classes explore both the contemporary and classic jazz style. Students in this class will begin with a warm-up to develop flexibility, strength, core, and coordination, followed by across the floor exercises. The rest of class will be used for center work and combinations.

Tap dance focuses on the interpretation and progression of various rhythms and sounds. Tap Dance is the timeless art that combines dance with percussion. Classes begin with a warm-up and move through across the floor progressions. We will then explore various rhythmic combinations in the center.

Hip-Hop is an upbeat class that combines basic hip-hop and jazz movements to create funky combinations. Students will have fun in this face-paced class while developing their coordination, rhythm, and self-expression. All warm-ups include stretches emphasizing strength, flexibility, endurance, and musicality.

Contemporary/Lyrical is a form of dance that fuses both ballet and jazz styles. This class blends the controlled movement of ballet with the dynamics of jazz and modern to create expressive movements that tell a story. Students will develop technique skills, as well as flexibility in this class. Each class will include a stretching and technical warm-up as well as choreography.

Dress Code

Dress Code

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The dress code requirements during kids dance lessons promote uniformity and a distraction free learning environment. It also allows the instructor to see body placement and lines.


  • Ballet: Black Leotard; Pink Convertible or Stirrup Tights; Pink Leather, Split-sole Ballet Shoes (no laces); Hair Secured Tightly in a Bun; No Warm-Ups or Cover Ups Permitted
  • Tap:
    • K-2nd—Black Leotard; Tan or Pink Convertible or Stirrups Tights; Black Dance Shorts; Mary Jane or Buckle Style Black Tap shoe (no ribbon ties); Hair Securely Pulled Back.
    • 3rd grade & up—Black Leotard; Tan or Pink Convertible or Stirrups Tights; Black Dance Shorts; Black, full-sole Oxford Style (Lace-Up) Tap Shoes; Hair Securely Pulled Back.
  • Jazz: Black Leotard; Shorts; Tan or Pink Convertible or Stirrup Tights; Black Dance Shorts; Black, Slip-On Jazz Shoes (no laces); Hair Securely Pulled Back
  • Contemporary/Lyrical: Black leotard; Tan or Pink Convertible or Stirrup Tights; Black Dance Shorts; Capezio Pirouette half-soles (Leather or canvas)
  • Hip-Hop: Black Sweatpants or Black Jazz Pants; eNeRGy Dance t-shirt (leotard may be worn underneath); Black Sneakers with clean soles or Black Hip-Hop Sneakers (no street shoes permitted)
  • Tap/Hip-Hop combo class should follow hip hop dress code for attire. However, students will need tap and hip-hop shoes.
  • Ballet/Jazz combo class should follow ballet dress code but may wear dance shorts for jazz. However students will need ballet and jazz shoes.
  • Hip-Hop/Contemporary combo class should follow contemporary dress code but may wear black dance short or pants for hip-hop. However, students will need hip-hop and lyrical shoes.


  • Ballet: Black Tights, Shorts (no shorter than mid-thigh), Leggings, or Pants; Fitted Black Top; Black, Leather Ballet Shoes (with the laces cut or taped to the inside of the shoe)
  • Tap: Athletic Shorts/Pants, Fitted Black Top or Tank, Black, Oxford Style (Lace-Up) Tap Shoes, Socks
  • Jazz: Athletic Shorts/Pants/ Leggings, Black Fitted Top or Tank, Black, Slip- on Jazz Shoes
  • Hip-Hop: Black sweatpants; Black T-shirt; Black Sneakers with Clean Soles or Black Hip-Hop Shoes (no street shoes permitted)

Important Registration Information - Please read!

Registration note: Upon registration, a registration fee and tuition will be charged to your credit card. For more information regarding tuition, discount and make up or drop policies for kids dance lessons, please see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Additional Dance Information

  • Costume fees for the 2018/2019 session are $65 for child sizes and $75 for adult sizes and are due by Nov 20th, 2018. Some classes will be required to purchase 2 costumes as they will be doing multiple performances in the recital.
  • A Recital fee of $65 will be due by January 25th, 2019 for the 2018/2019 session. The recital fee includes two free tickets and additional tickets will be available for purchase prior to the recital. Dance recital will take place on June 8th, 2019.

Below are the kids dance lessons/classes that start the week of August 20th and run through the first week of June, 2019. You can filter the classes based on level and/or age/grade. Click on any class for pricing information and to register.

Level 2 classes REQUIRE previous enrollment in the level, instructor recommendation to move up, or a skills test.