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Preschool Dance

We offer a wide range of dance classes for children of all ages!

Dancing Duos is a dancer and parent-guardian involved class for children 12 months to 3 years old. Duos will explore creative moment and musical rhythms. This class is a wonderful introduction to dance and a fun social activity to get you and your little one moving.

Tutu Tots is a introductory dance class for 2-3 year olds. Students will begin to learn basic motor skills as well as learning to thrive in peer interactive environment. Much emphasis will be placed on pre-ballet movement as well as storytelling using the body. Your tiny dancer will enjoy the use of props and fun musical experiences. This is a non-recital class.

Bop Tots is a fun dance class that introduces 2-3 year olds to pre-jazz/funk movements while also focusing on rhythms and motor skills. These tiny boppers will be hippin’ and hoppin’ to upbeat music, and class time will incorporate props and movement exploration. This is a non-recital class.

Minis is intended for dancers ages 4-5 years old. In this class, students are transitioning to a more classical classroom structure in preparation for Level 1. These classes includes beginning ballet/tap and ballet/jazz. Minis will perform two routines at the recital.

Twisters is designed for kids ages 4-5, and it combines our preschool gymnastics class and Minis dance class. Students explore gymnastics stations like floor, beam, bars and vault while also learning the beginning fundamentals of jazz or hip-hop. Twisters will perform a dance routine at the recital in their class’ respective style.

Dress Code

Dance Dress Code

eNeRGy Kidz carries a small selection of dance leotards, tights along with ballet, tap and jazz shoes in our Pro Shop. Please stop by the shop and check out our selection or order online by heading to our online dance boutique.

Our dress code requirements promote uniformity and a distraction free learning environment. It also allows the instructor to see body placement and lines.


Dancing Duos:
  • Dancer and adult should dress comfortably for participation in class. Leggings, sweat pants, comfortable top. No shoes needed for class.
Tutu Tots:
  • Traditional, Leotard (any color) with or without skirt/tutu; Tights; Pink, Leather Ballet Shoes (no laces preferred); Hair Securely Pulled Back.
Bop Tots:
  • Girls – Traditional Leotard (any color) with or without skirt/tutu; Leggings, No Shoes
  • Boys – T-shirt and black pants or shorts, No shoes
  • Traditional, Leotard (any color) with or without skirt/tutu; Tights; Hair Securely Pulled Back.
  • Ballet/Tap – Pink, Leather Ballet Shoes (no laces preferred); Black, Patent Leather Tap Shoes
  • Ballet/Jazz – Pink, Leather Ballet Shoes (no laces preferred); Black Jazz Boot
  • Traditional Leotard (any color) no skirt/tutu; Black Jazz Boot; Hair Securely Pulled Back.

Important Registration Information - Please read!

Registration note: Upon registration, a registration fee and tuition will be charged to your credit card. For more information regarding our tuition, discount and make up or drop policies, please see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Additional Dance Information

  • For eNeRGy Minis and eNeRGy Twisters, costume fees for the 2019/2020 session are $69 per child size per class and are due by Nov 25th, 2019.
  • For eNeRGy Minis and eNeRGy Twisters, a Recital fee of $70 will be due by January 25th, 2020 for the 2019/2020 session. The recital fee includes two free tickets and additional tickets will be available for purchase prior to the recital. Dance recital has changed and will now take place on June 13th, 2020.

Below are our Dance classes that start the week of August 19th and end with a Dance Recital in June, 2020. You can filter the classes based on level and/or age/grade. Click on any class for pricing information and to register.

For preschool age classes, our Age/Grade cutoff is August 31st of each year which is identical to the Wake County Public Schools cutoff date. ex. A child who turns 3 on August 15th would be in a 3-5 yr old class but a child who turns 3 on September 15th would not yet be eligible for Dance classes.