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eNeRGy Showcase

Our Showcase will be held in lieu of our traditional week long year end show and will be on Saturday, June 13th. The shows will be broken into several sessions, you can register for the time slot that best fits your schedule. When registering, please note that the Trampoline/Tumbling, Cheer, Warriors and our Gymnastics Shows will be held separately and at different times. If you have a child or children in multiple programs, when registering, please pay attention to the times of the shows so that you do not inadvertently overlap the two shows. We will be closing the doors that connect the two gyms.

Is there an entry for for performing in the Showcase?

The Showcase will be $25 per child, billed upon registration. Please be aware that there are no additional child discounts and no refunds will be given after we close the registration period on April 26th as we will be ordering the trophies and t-shirts at this time.

What if my child is in multiple programs?

You are more than welcome to sign up your child for multiple Showcases if you would like. Be sure to schedule the showcases at different times as there is no way to perform in multiple showcases at the same time. Please note that additional showcases for the same child will be discounted to $15.

Is there a spectator admission to the Showcase?

There is no spectator admission to the Showcase. Please be aware that we will have lots of seating available but at times seating may become limited.

How early should we arrive for our Showcase?

We will have several Showcases going on throughout the day so we ask that you try to show up no earlier than 15 minutes before the show. We will start each Showcase as promptly as possible.

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