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Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition due dates and fees:

Tuition is charged on a monthly basis regardless of the number of classes available in the month excluding the first and last months. By registering with eNeRGy Kidz, your Credit/Debit Card on file will be debited automatically on the 1st of each month or the next business day following the 1st for that month’s tuition if the monthly payment has not already been received. Please refer to our calendar for specific billing dates during theses times. Payments may be made in advance of the 1st through eNeRGy Kidz online parent login or in person by CASH, CHECK or CHARGE. Non-payment of tuition will result in the forfeiture of your child’s space in the program. Late payments or delayed payments not received by the 10th of the month may incur a late fee of 10% of the outstanding balance per month. If your check is returned to us there will be a $25.00 fee plus the amount of the check. No credits or refunds are given for missed classes.

The registration fee for the 1st child in a family is $35 and the 2nd child is $25. Additional children in the same family do not have a registration fee. The registration fee is good for all classes in the current session. Should you drop (outside of our 30 day satisfaction guarantee) and then re-register within the same session, you would not pay any additional registration fee

Make- Up Policy

eNeRGy Kidz provides make-up opportunities as a courtesy to our students and parents. Please be aware that some classes have very limited make up opportunities and make-ups are not available for Team. Make-ups are not mandatory and can be used at your discretion. Please be advised that we do not pro-rate, refund, or credit tuition for any unattended classes. All missed classes are eligible to be made up.

*Make-ups cannot be redeemed or scheduled after withdrawing from the program or the end of the session and make-ups do not roll over from session to session.*

When scheduling a make-up:

  1. Your child must miss his/her class before you are able to schedule a make-up class for that specific day.
  2. If at all possible, please let us know in advance by email when your child will not be attending their regular class. This allows other students the opportunity to schedule make-ups in your child’s place for that day.
  3. We are only able to schedule a make-up two weeks in advance.
  4. You may use our make-up feature on the parent portal when scheduling your make-ups. This allows you to schedule them instantly at your own convenience. 
  5. If you schedule a make-up, you must notify us by phone or email if your child is unable to attend. Failure to call will result in a forfeit of your make-up opportunity (i.e. you lose one make-up opportunity from your make-up eligibility).
  6. Make-ups for Dance and Performing Arts must be scheduled before the end of March. Please see the office for specific dates.
  7. Make-ups for all other programs must be scheduled before the end of May. Please see the office for specific dates.
  8. For the above reason, classes missed after or make-ups not scheduled prior to these deadlines are automatically forfeited.
  9. In order to accommodate everyone, you must schedule your make-up within 90 days of missing that class. After 90 days, your make-up opportunity will be automatically forfeited.
  10. Make ups are non-transferable. Make ups can only be scheduled for the student currently enrolled.
Holidays and Closing Policy

eNeRGy Kidz does not generally follow Wake County Public Schools or any other organization’s closing policy. We close through at various times throughout the year to allow for proper equipment and building safety maintenance, planning, cleaning around the facility, and to allow our staff time to rest.

*We do not prorate tuition for planned closures, but we do give make ups for closures.* 

*We follow our 90 day makeup policy for classes missed during those closures.*

We traditionally close:

  • Week of July 4th (One Week)
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Week (Wed – Sat)
  • Winter Break and New Years (Two Week Break)
  • Spring Break (One Week Break)
  • Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Please refer to our Calendar for specific dates for each of the above Holidays.



What is the Dress Code?

Program specific dress codes are listed on each of the schedule pages for each of our programs.

What are the eNeRGy Rules?

Gym Rules for Students while in class:

  1. Listen to the instructor.
  2. Stay off the equipment until given permission by an instructor.
  3. Be Kind. Please treat your classmates and instructors with respect.

Lobby Rules

  1. Children are not allowed to run, practice, throw objects, or “Horseplay.”
  2. Children should not exit the building without Adult Supervision.
  3. Children should be supervised at all times.
  4. Please do not allow children to jump, walk, or climb on chairs, benches, or cubbies.
  5. Please do not allow your children to enter in to the dance rooms, martial arts room or either gym for any reason other than to join their registered class.
  6. Please help keep the noise level to a minimum
  7. For the safety and consideration of your fellow parents, please do not park your vehicle in the loading and unloading zone.

These Rules are established for the safety of our children and to make everyone’s visit an enjoyable one.

What discounts are available?

Sibling Discount

A 10% discount is given to additional children within the same family when enrolling for classes. (Discount is taken on lowest priced class.) Please note: Sibling discounts do not apply to Summer Camps or Individual / Private lessons.

Multi-Class Discount

There will be a 50% discount applied to the lowest tuition class when the same child takes a 2nd class! 3rd, 4th and additional classes will receive a 50% discount as well! Please note: Multi Class discounts do not apply to Summer Camps or Individual / Private lessons.

What should we expect on the first day of class?

The Instructor will meet your child at the door on their first day of class. Their class will be announced by name at the designated start time. Please listen very closely for either your child’s name or the class announcement. If you happen to miss the class announcement, please feel free to come to the office for assistance. We will be happy to escort your child to class.

What do I do while my child is in class?

Parents are welcome to do quick errands while their children are in class. We ask you to make sure that you provide a contact number to the office prior to leaving the building and return before class ends. Should you choose to stay and watch, feel free to view through our observation windows in either lobby. In addition, we have wireless internet connection for your convenience. We ask that while you and your children are in the facility that you please follow the eNeRGy Kidz rules.

How will I know when my child can move to another level?

Our Gymnastics, Cheer, Warriors and Trampoline & Tumbling classes utilize a progression system that is maintained digitally in our class management system. Each child must master the basic fundamentals before moving to the next level. Once your child displays in class safely and consistently all the skills at their specific level, they will be eligible for the next level of class. The skills that your child has achieved will be available to be seen in the parent portal in the near future. Please be patient as we implement the new system.

Once your child has qualified for the next level, you will be notified. If you feel that your child may have met the qualifications, please feel free to discuss this with their instructor or the program director. When notified, your child may move to the next level. Each level has a different time length, class availability, and tuition price.

Our Martial Arts program will have testing and promotion throughout the year.

Can I change class Day & Time?

As space permits, you may change your day and/or time or add classes. Please realize that at certain points during the session, we will close registration. All class changes must occur prior to the closing of registration for that particular program. Dance class changes must be made prior to February in order to still attend the dance recital and have the appropriate costume ordered. All other class changes must be made prior to mid May. We reserve the right to make changes to our schedule or to move your child to a class that is more suitable for their needs. A minimum of three (3) students is required in each class to hold a class.

What happens if the weather is too bad to travel?

eNeRGy Kidz does not generally follow Wake County Public Schools or any other organization’s closing policy. During bad weather, we will provide information to you via eNeRGy Kidz website, facebook page and/or e-mail as to whether or not we will be open. Should you miss a class as a result of a closing or if you should feel that it is unsafe to travel due to weather, please feel free to schedule a make-up at a later day and time or redeem an absence towards a Parent’s Night Out (restrictions do apply). It is our policy to not issue any monetary refunds for classes unattended. Please review our Make-up Policy for clarification.

Are there end of the session opportunities for my child to show off their skills?

eNeRGy Showcase

At the end of the session, all classes for Kindergarten and above in Gymnastics, Cheer, eNeRGy Warriors and Trampoline & Tumbling will have the opportunity to perform in our eNeRGy Showcase. This is a great opportunity for your child to show off the skills they have learned this year as they perform on different events. We will open our gym to parents, friends, and family to watch their children. We hope that you will be able to attend and enjoy what your children have to share with you.

Year End Show Off Time

For our Preschool Gymnastics and Trampoline & Tumbling programs, we will hold a Year-End Show Off Time the last day of their class. We welcome parents and family to come in the gym and watch their children during their regular class time. At the end of class, we will have a completion ceremony for them.

eNeRGy Dance Recital

We will have a recital at the end of the session in order to give our dancers the opportunity to perform on stage for family and friends as well as learn how to present him or herself in front of a crowd. Please see the Dance page for the specific day of the recital. Each class will have recital costumes that are age appropriate and never suggestive or provocative.

For more information on our current session’s Year End Activities please visit

What if we need to withdraw from the program?

Unless notified otherwise, we assume your child will be attending classes until the end of the session. You must notify us in writing by the 20th of the month if you would like to drop for the next month. Failure of notification by the 20th will result in your credit card being charged for the following month. No refunds will be given in the event that we do not receive notification.