Preschool Gymnastics

eNeRGy Kidz Preschool Gymnastics instruction is divided into 1yr olds, 2yr olds, 3 yr olds and 4/5 yr olds.

Our 1 year old program called Tiny Tumbler Time is family fun designed to assist parents in helping their children age 12 months to 2 years with developmental movement and sensory motor experiences in an unstructured freeplay class. This program concentrates on building that special relationship between parent and child in a safe, playful, enriching environment.

Our 2 year old program called Tiny Roo 2’s is for the older toddler with parents assisting in continued motor skill development. Class will begin with structured activities to offer fun along with cooperative and social skill development. There will be free playtime at the end of class.

Tumble Roos gymnastics for 3’s, 4’s and 5 year olds is designed to give each child a variety of activities that will enhance his/her physical abilities and coordination.  Each child will develop new awareness of his/her physical capabilities and have FUN doing it!

Dress Code

Gymnastics Dress Code

  • Preschool classes (ages 1-5): Clothing that will not get caught on equipment. No dresses, tutus or cumbersome clothing.
  • Boys (Kindergarten & up): T-shirt and athletic shorts.
  • Girls (Kindergarten & up): One-Piece leotard (no bathing suits, leotards with large openings in the back, ballet tutus or skirts.) Girls may wear tight fitting shorts such as soffe shorts or biker shorts with their leotard.
  • Hair must be in a ponytail or clipped away from the face and off the shoulders.
  • No jewelry, swim bands, or hair bows. Only stud earrings are allowed with secure earring backs.
  • Everyone must have bare-feet.

Important Registration Information - Please read!

Registration note: Upon registration, a registration fee and tuition will be charged to your credit card. Tiny Tumbler Time registration is only $10. For more information regarding our tuition, discount and make up or drop policies, please see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.


  • Participants in our Tiny Tumbler Time and Tiny Roo 2 classes must meet the age requirements as of the first day they attend the class.
  • Our Age cutoff for Tumble Roos (3-5 year olds) is August 31st of each year which is identical to the Wake County Public Schools cutoff date. ex. A child who turns 4 on August 15th would be in a 4 yr old class but a child who turns 4 on September 15th would be in a 3 yr old class.

Below are our Preschool Gymnastics classes that start the week of June 11th as well as August 20th and run through the first week of June, 2019. You can filter the classes based on level and/or age/grade. Click on any class for pricing information and to register.