Martial Arts

eNeRGy Kidz is proud to have one of the few available Kung Fu Martial Arts programs for children in the Raleigh area. Our Martial Arts director, Sifu Renee Warren, is a traditional Southern Shaolin martial arts practitioner. She combines traditional Chinese training along with developing a strong sense of moral character providing an excellent foundation for your Kindergarten or older child.

Our classes will help focus your student’s energy in a positive and productive manner at different levels. Kung Fu starts with the individual’s focus on their own progress while training alongside classmates in a team environment. Your child will learn leadership skills to help them succeed in life while increasing their athletic ability and fitness. They will gain the confidence and self-esteem needed to say “NO” to peer pressure and learn about increasing their self awareness and realistic self-defense skills.

Young or old, big or little, martial arts is for everyone!

You can view our Martial class schedules and register right on the schedules page.

Of course if you do have any questions about dance classes, please call us at (919) 790-9400.