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Martial Arts Registration

Dress Code

Martial Arts Dress Code

  • White Gi pants, belt/sash and eNeRGy t-shirt.
  • Everyone must have bare feet.
  • Hair must be in a ponytail or clipped away from the face and off the shoulders.
  • No jewelry, swim bands or hair bows. Only stud earrings are allowed with secure earring backs.

Important Registration Information - Please read!

Registration note: Upon registration, a registration fee and tuition will be charged to your credit card. For more information regarding our tuition, discount and make up or drop policies, please see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

  • Dress code for Martial Arts requires that you purchase a Gi for your child. Gis may be purchased from the office.

Below are our Martial Arts classes that start the week of June 17th as well as August 19th and run through the 2nd week of June, 2020. You can filter the classes based on level and/or age/grade. Click on any class for pricing information and to register.

Note: Intermediate and Advanced REQUIRE previous enrollment in the level, instructor recommendation to move up, or a skills test.